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Athlete Bio

ben_burnett-4Name-  Alastair Russell Watson         

Born-  Paisley, Glasgow, West Coast, Scotland

DOB-  14th September 1985

Discipline-  Big Mtn, Freeskiing 

Lives-  Chamonix, Mt Blanc

Interests-  Skiing, Surfing, Snow Surfing, Adventure, Traveling, Sailing, Photo/Film, Art, Fitness, Stunt Training, Martial Arts

Contact-  allywatson_@hotmail.co.uk


Ally is a BIG Mountain skier who currently lives in Chamonix. He has a history of competing around the world in Freestyle and Freeride events from Europe to Chile and NZ, however his roots in skiing initially came from a racing background at a young age and time spent skiing on the plastic slopes of the UK. His focus is now on searching for new big mountains to find lines down. Having lived in Chamonix for some years he has learnt how to ski and survive in the high mountain altitude whilst also remaining an exciting and dynamic Freeskier.

Ally has learnt at the pearl of the mountains where he was lucky to survive a death defying 45 degree 450m fall over ice and rock. Through experience he has learnt to deal with fear in the mountains on a daily basis and whilst he has lost many friends to the mountains he remains drawn to them and has a relentless mentality when it comes to his beliefs, goals and achievements.

He takes the motivation he builds from the mountains and uses this to drive him to train when out of the mountains in order to be best prepared. He uses strength, fitness, coordination and explosive techniques to help him stay prepared for each and every new run, including sports such as climbing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and yoga. Recently he has started training towards a future goal of becoming a stuntman which involves further training in skydiving, boxing, rally driving, high diving and APNEA breath hold work. He even finds time to do some sailing and chase waves with his surfboard in between mountains and seasons. One of his dreams is to combine his love for the mountains and the ocean in one ski, surf and sail trip. 

Freeride World Qualifer Tour Highlights   Other/Freestyle
Overall Tour 2012- 52nd

Chilean Freeski Campionships 4* 2013- 22nd 

Roldal Freeride Challenge, Norway 3* 2011- 18th

El Dorado, Vallnord, Andora 3* 2011- 19th

UK National- 1st 2010 + 2011

Mystic Experience Gressoney, Italy 3* 2011- 23rd

Arctrix Tamok, Arctic Circle, Norway 2* 2011- 11th

Jasne Adrenaline 2009, Slovakia 2*- 12th

Mystic Experience Open Gressoney, Italy 2009- 2nd

  International Invitational Parallel Freeride Contest, Engadine, St Moritz 2014- 5th 

Heli Trip- Tamok, Norway, the wild Arctic Circle 2011

UK Ski Movie Parts

Big Air Invitational’s

London Freeze ‘Brits Big Air’ 2010+11- Quali

London Freeze ‘Brits Big Air’ 2009- 6th (Semi’s)

Austrian Open Slopestyle 2009- Quali

Verbier Ride Big Air 2007- 10th

Verbier Ride Slopestyle 2005- 15th

London Ride Big Air 2005- 14th